Are you a high achieving perfectionist & daily wine o’clock drinker?

Let me help you stay sober when moderation is no longer an option and to begin living in peace not pieces, feeling healed, whole & free.

I help Ambitious Women stop relying on Alcohol to fuel their busy lives 

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If moderation is not an option and you’re in denial about how much you drink in order to cope, then you’re in the right place because I truly understand where you are – how many more day ones do you need?

If you want clarity in understanding why you are feeling this way then I can help you move forward by shining a light to help you overcome the blindspots that are getting in your way!

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Here’s what my clients say about the support they have received …

“I signed up for a 12 week programme with Jojo to help me focus on me. In 2020 I had gotten into a rut. I was piling on weight, not exercising, drinking 2-3 times a week and working ridiculous hours. I was tired, grumpy and unhappy and every day was a struggle. Now with Jojo’s help I no longer drink, I go out walking most days, I eat so much better and have started to lose weight. I have also set boundaries in work. I am so much more productive in work and in the house. I am so much happier and my anxiety has disappeared. But most of all I am a much better mum to my 2 beautiful boys. I am so much more patient and I spend a lot more quality time with them. My life has literally transformed and it’s all thanks to Jojo, she is my fairy godmother who gave me the confidence and strength to change my life. If I could bottle up how I feel now I would be a millionaire! I’m so grateful for my new lease of life and have no hesitation of recommending Jojo’s services to anyone.” – Lisa M. Finance Manager 

When I first met Jojo, I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. I had been a heavy drinker for over twenty years and I drank wine most nights. During lockdown, I was working at home and homeschooling. As a single parent this brought my stress to a whole new level and I knew I had to take action. 

I was desperate to stop drinking and thanks to Jojo’s support and guidance, I will soon celebrate my first Soberversary.

Jojo is probably the most serene person I have ever met. She is kind, calm, empathetic and guides you with a very gentle hand. I had lost perspective on my life and I was overwhelmed by my perceived failings and the limitations I had placed on myself. 

Jojo has helped me to reconnect with my inner strength and resilience. She has taught me the importance of self care and that asking for help is not a weakness. She has helped me identify my strengths and to recognise the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. I have regained my belief in myself and my pride in all that I have overcome.  

I highly recommend working with Jojo to anyone who wants to stop drinking and make positive changes in their life. My life has been utterly transformed in the past year and I can honestly say I have not felt this well and this happy for a very long time. I will be forever grateful to Jojo for all her help and support and I know I will return to her in the future if I need further guidance. 

IM Fallon – IT Management


I started working with Jojo about 3 months into my sober journey , I struggled with my drinking and how it affected my motivation and self esteem.
Jojo helped me to see that when you get sober you feel the feels, the good and the bad. I’d suffered with depression and anxiety but knew it wasn’t that- I didn’t need a counsellor or medication. I needed to understand myself better, to become the real me. At a time when things felt very jumbled Jojo helped me to see my potential, she helped to change my mindset- to stop giving myself a hard time and to be kind to myself- it was a complete game changer. I’m no longer the procrastinator I used to be, I’ve found the courage inside of me to do the things that scare me and not wait for everything to be perfect before I try.
I cannot recommend Jojo enough- invest in yourself, you are worth it.
Saying no to alcohol has completely transformed my life and I celebrated my Soberversary in March 2021.
Sarah SQ – Advanced Nurse Practitioner


You don’t have to do this alone!

I’m now able to offer a one-to-one alcohol and drug addiction recovery at home program. The program is completely tailored to you as an individual and is designed to assist you, or someone you know, navigate through the most difficult and darkest times at the beginning of recovery. Included in the service is expert legal advice for situations that may have arisen from your addiction, such as employment issues, business relationships, divorce etc. To ensure your peace of mind throughout the process, total discretion and complete confidentiality underpin everything we do. Initial consultations are FREE, so please call 07821 325992 to connect.

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