Are you a high achieving perfectionist & daily wine o’clock drinker who wants to be AbSOULutely sober?

Let me help you stay sober when moderation is no longer an option and to begin living in peace not pieces, feeling healed, whole & free.

I help women struggling with sobriety find joy in their sober life

I’m Here to Help You!

If you’re in denial about how much you drink to cope, and moderation isn’t an option, you’re in the right place. I truly understand how you feel – how many more Day Ones do you need?

Sobriety is much more than choosing not to drink. It’s a transformational journey, discovering the contents of your soul and helping you step away from negative self-talk, sabotage, and self-betrayal.

If you want clarity on why you can’t stop drinking, I’ll help you shine a light on the blindspots getting in your way. You’re here for a reason – trust the unfolding, and together we’ll find the soul-ution you seek.

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Here’s what my clients say about the support they have received …

When I started working with Jojo, I thought my problems were insurmountable and change was impossible. I was battling imposter syndrome in a management role and had relapsed after 2 years of sobriety due to difficult family dynamics. I didn’t trust the choices I was making as a parent and I felt utterly overwhelmed.

During my transformational coaching, all of these issues received attention and improved thanks to Jojo’s skilled and gentle approach.  I began to believe in myself and to feel empowered for the first time in forever. I completed a Management Qualification and set boundaries with family members. I completed dyslexia training to better support my son’s learning. I quit smoking and no longer dreaded work.

During this time, I had a serious accident and Jojo was one of the first people I wanted to contact. In those initial weeks, Jojo messaged me every day and I have no doubt this speeded up my healing. Working with Jojo is like an injection of positivity, self-belief and magic, her care is deep and genuine. I recommend coaching with Jojo wholeheartedly and without hesitation. It’s the best investment I’ve made in ME and my lovely family and department feel the benefit too!

Catherine R – Healthcare Manager
“I had a discovery call with Jojo after 50 days into my 2nd attempt at sobriety.
I had managed 86 days previously but this time I knew it was for good.
I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never had any experience of transformational coaching.
From the very beginning, I got a good feeling and Jojo made me feel very comfortable and at ease.
We met weekly, where I talked, she listened and I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind my drinking.
With this clarity I was able to start examining my own limiting beliefs as Jojo guided me to learn to trust myself and practice self care so that I could begin a new way forward. I’ve learnt to step into my own power, talk to myself kindly and be much more comfortable in my own skin.
I am now over a year sober and so much more than the drink in my glass has changed. Coaching sessions with Jojo have been the game changer for me. I started out with a 12 week commitment and then upgraded to the 9 month VIP option.
My relationships are better with my husband, kids and at work. I have respect and love for myself which means I treat myself better.
My whole life is 100% better and I know that I wouldn’t have stayed sober without my work with Jojo.
She is a Life Magician and I will be forever grateful for the help and support she has given me.”
Emma Y. Primary School Teacher
Broken is an understatement of how I felt at the beginning of my journey.
Suffering with 20 years of heavy alcohol abuse, I had destroyed the connection with my own soul and replaced it with permanent worry, anxiety and mental torture.
Just leaving my house was difficult in the end due to anxiety. I thought this was just how my life was condemned to be.  A never ending vicious circle of battling demons each day just to get to a reasonable time of the day to have another drink to feel normal (well what I thought was normal).
Until I discovered the true magic of Jojo. 
I’ve had counseling, life coaching and tried endless other therapy’s to try and STOP what was happening with me. Nothing had ever worked!
I never thought I’d feel the way I do again. I’m 10 months sober now, and Jojo has supported me in this process which has allowed me to rediscover authentic Lucy.
Being supported with her transformational coaching, I’ve found my confidence and can now live a happy contented life without the anxiety, worry and the dread that I used to hold onto daily.
I’m now 35 years old and I feel so lucky to have found the path to freedom and it’s all thanks to the magic of Jojo. I’m so thankful as I do believe she saved my soul.”
Lucy T. Recruitment Manager


‘There is a shimmer and glow about you that wasn’t there before’ – these are the words of a colleague that came unexpectedly at the end of a meeting, on the day before my last coaching session with Jojo – I was a long way from shimmering and glowing when Jojo and I began our sessions! 
If you are reading this, you could be in the very fortunate position of working with Jojo to bring about true transformational change – we talked, she prompted, listened, cared, asked, reflected and facilitated breakthroughs that I didn’t even know I needed until they happened, and every day since I have an inner calm and feel that I have found myself again – I am still a work in progress but feel much better equipped to deal with whatever happens next – thank you Jojo for everything and more!
MG – Keyworker

Jojo has now been Alcohol Free for 10 Years!

Listen to Jojo’s powerful and inspirational update in this beautiful and moving recording…

You don’t have to do this alone!

I’m now able to offer a one-to-one alcohol and drug addiction recovery at home program. The program is completely tailored to you as an individual and is designed to assist you, or someone you know, navigate through the most difficult and darkest times at the beginning of recovery. Included in the service is expert legal advice for situations that may have arisen from your addiction, such as employment issues, business relationships, divorce etc. To ensure your peace of mind throughout the process, total discretion and complete confidentiality underpin everything we do. Initial consultations are FREE, so please call 07821 325992 to connect.

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