Jojo Bailey

Transformational Coach & Sober Mindset Mentor

My Life Calling

I’m Jojo Bailey and my passion is helping others live alcohol-free and happy. 

Since launching my business in 2018, hundreds of women have discovered the joy that comes with sobriety. They have learned to connect with their souls, to find their higher purpose and follow their true path in life. 

I want everyone to experience the joy that comes with sobriety and the happiness of living life fully and completely, sober and present.

It’s time to stop glorifying alcohol. It is possible to live a fulfilled and wonderful life without drink. 

My Life in Numbers


  • 15 years old when I first turned to alcohol to make me feel better
  • 20 years in the music business followed by early retirement to avoid burnout
  • 1992 when I married the love of my life who has supported me every step of the way
  • 38 years given to alcohol as my best friend
  • 53 years old when I embarked on breaking free from addiction
  • 34 years between meeting my sister for the first time and our reunion which would set me on the path to sobriety
  • 2018 when I published my book ‘Happy and Sober’ to inspire others to follow my lead 
  • 8 years sober in January 2022

Getting Sober is the Beginning Not the End

When you have not been present for much of your life and things pass you by in a blur,  it is easy to think being sober is the end goal. In reality, it is the beginning. It is the start of the rest of your life. Getting sober helped me see life through new lenses. It brought everything into focus but it didn’t immediately bring happiness. I needed more. I found it when I discovered a course called Feminine Power and I studied to become a transformational life coach. It helped me to see that my calling in life is to be in service and to support others break free of limiting beliefs so they can live a fully expressed life and once I started to do that; I felt truly satisfied.

You too can transform your life, gain self-esteem, feel proud and live your best life with 

  • A programme that will help you one step at a time
  • On-going guidance and support
  • Daily action and celebration of what you are achieving
  • Being part of a community of people on the same journey

I look forward to working with you and supporting your transformation.

I help Ambitious Women stop relying on Alcohol to fuel their busy lives