Jojo Bailey


Transformation from alcohol addiction to happy and healthy living.

Have you ever broken a promise? Happy and Sober is the result of keeping a very special promise that I made on New Year’s Eve 2014. I remember it as if it was yesterday.
I was standing on the warm sands of Surin Beach, on the island of Phuket, in Thailand. As is tradition, white paper lanterns were lit to bring luck, and, all around me, residents and visitors uttered wishes and blessings as the lanterns floated skyward. Someone played “Auld Lang Syne” off in the distance, and, right on cue, fireworks exploded in the sky, adding glorious, vibrant colour to an already brightly illuminated night.
Amidst the merry-making of a perfect New Year’s celebration, staring up at the sky while clutching a glass of champagne in one hand and holding my sister’s hand in the other, I could hardly believe it when I heard an all-too-familiar phrase being whispered in my ear. “Do you think you can make me a promise to NOT drink for one year?”
THIS is the promise that has changed my life. This marked the beginning of my transformation of hopelessness into hopefulness and my story of making my impossible possible!

Alcohol had been my coping mechanism to numb out pain and reality. Bullying at an early age contributed to so many self limiting beliefs and low self esteem. I needed to find something to drown out the voices in my head and found the “solution” in adolescence, and for four decades it became my “best friend.”
If you are sick and tired of lying and feeling sorry for yourself, sick of crying and sick of blackouts, sick of losing things and feeling guilty, disgusted and full of remorse, sick of passing out, sick of being sick and tired and wondering how you got to this place, allow me to show you there’s a way out.
I now choose to live an alcohol free life, have become my own best friend and have created a W.O.R.T.H. process that will explain how you can live an amazing life by becoming your own best friend and can say goodbye to the bottle forever!
Come with me on this journey to self discovery, forgiveness, clarity, hope and transformation so you too can rid your life of alcohol addiction once and for all and live a Happy and Sober life.

I help women struggling with sobriety find joy in their sober life