Gray Area Drinking

Are you a Daily Wine O’clock Drinker or a Gray Area Drinker?

A daily Wine O’clock Drinker will usually have a drink at the usual time of day as a reward for a job well done. It’s a well deserved treat. When a glass becomes two or three or more things begin to escalate to another area.
Gray Area Drinking is the space between the extremes of rock bottom alcoholism drinking and drinking on every now and then occasions.
I used to be a GAD who functioned quite well and easily fooled myself and those around me that all was good. The outside world assured me I wasn’t “that bad”.
If you are questioning your drinking habits you are most likely in the Gray Area.
I was in denial and the older I got the harder it became to stop.
Many gray area drinkers are keen to live a healthy, active and happy lifestyle. Their drinking is perceived to be quite normal within their social circle. But that doesn’t mean that alcohol is serving them and making them fulfilled. It is actually holding them back from living a fully expressed life.
My life purpose is to support ambitious women stay sober when moderation is no longer an option.

I help women struggling with sobriety find joy in their sober life