What clients say about working with Jojo

There’s only one word to describe Jojo, and that is Magic.

My sessions with Jojo have undeniably changed my life for the better. She has empowered me to believe in myself, have a positive outlook and manifest the life I want to live. A life that I no longer want to escape from. I now look for the solutions that the universe is showing me, that I have probably been oblivious to through my drunken eyes all these years.

I began my new sober life on the 3 rd October 2022, after my drinking slowly got increasingly out of hand and was causing problems with my relationships, work and physical and mental health. After 5 months I wasn’t feeling any of the ‘pink cloud’ benefits that all the quit lit books I was reading and podcasts I was listening to were telling me I’d have.

I started my sessions with Jojo on 9th March, as my anger was off the scale uncontrollable. I was agitated, sad, and downright miffed that I wasn’t less stressed, I didn’t have more patience or more energy, in fact quite the opposite. I was struggling to deal with the emotions that I had previously drank to block out. My marriage was hanging on by a thread because of my behaviour and moods and my daughters were feeling it too.

After only a few sessions with Jojo, my anger was gone, from a ten to a zero. I have never felt so calm. My marriage is now the best it has ever been, and I am now a good role model to my girls, which is one of the many reasons why I want to be sober. I truly feel like I’m on the right path and am living my best life.

I feel incredibly blessed to have Jojo in my life as my Soul Navigator.

Everyone needs a Jojo in their life

Louise C

Senior L & D Advisor

Working with Jojo played a fundamental part in getting me on my way to where I am now.

I started working with Jojo on a 121 basis when I had around 6 month’s sobriety.  I had done the initial work, ditched the booze and felt a lot better for it but felt I’d reached an impasse. What now? Where am I going? There is more … but I don’t know what it is OR how to access it.  

Even after my first session with Jojo, I felt a sense of being understood.  I could think and say whatever I wanted and needed to and I felt heard.

This is a huge thing for me.

Being heard in the way Jojo hears was a new experience for me. She appeared to somehow feel what I was feeling and somehow see what I could see but couldn’t always explain.  This was surprising at first but once I’d got used to it, which didn’t take long, it felt comforting and like I’d somehow come home. Back to the centre.

In our work together I explored and identified my strengths. This was a vital part of my work and has meant I have been able to more easily draw on these as a source of power when life becomes challenging.  Jojo’s gentle but thought-provoking questions nudged me to get curious which has allowed me to connect old dots (sometimes very old dots) and to get a better understanding of those things which are just outside of my awareness.  

I think we all have moments or events that we consider life-changing and working with Jojo for the first time falls into that category for me. Something a little bit magic.

As a result of our collaboration, I have gained a sense of connection both within myself but also with others and beyond. I now trust myself more and feel a sense of safety. I also feel confident I will never feel alone again. Quite something.

Needless to say, I would love (and intend) to return to work with Jojo (if she will have me of course :)) in the future. 

Jo B

HR Director, Soberversary 14th November 2024

When I started working with Jojo, I thought my problems were insurmountable and change was impossible. I was battling imposter syndrome in a management role and had relapsed after 2 years of sobriety due to difficult family dynamics. I didn’t trust the choices I was making as a parent and I felt utterly overwhelmed.

During my transformational coaching, all of these issues received attention and improved thanks to Jojo’s skilled and gentle approach.  I began to believe in myself and to feel empowered for the first time in forever. I completed a Management Qualification and set boundaries with family members. I completed dyslexia training to better support my son’s learning. I quit smoking and no longer dreaded work.

During this time, I had a serious accident and Jojo was one of the first people I wanted to contact. In those initial weeks, Jojo messaged me every day and I have no doubt this speeded up my healing. Working with Jojo is like an injection of positivity, self-belief and magic, her care is deep and genuine. I recommend coaching with Jojo wholeheartedly and without hesitation. It’s the best investment I’ve made in ME and my lovely family and department feel the benefit too!

Catherine R

Healthcare Manager

Broken is an understatement of how I felt at the beginning of my journey.
Suffering with 20 years of heavy alcohol abuse, I had destroyed the connection with my own soul and replaced it with permanent worry, anxiety and mental torture. 
Just leaving my house was difficult in the end due to anxiety. I thought this was just how my life was condemned to be.  A never ending vicious circle of battling demons each day just to get to a reasonable time of the day to have another drink to feel normal (well what I thought was normal). 
Until I discovered the true magic of Jojo. 
I’ve had counseling, life coaching and tried endless other therapy’s to try and STOP what was happening with me. Nothing had ever worked! 
I never thought I’d feel the way I do again. I’m 10 months sober now, and Jojo has supported me in this process which has allowed me to rediscover authentic Lucy.
Being supported with her transformational coaching, I’ve found my confidence and can now live a happy contented life without the anxiety, worry and the dread that I used to hold onto daily. 
I’m now 35 years old and I feel so lucky to have found the path to freedom and it’s all thanks to the magic of Jojo. I’m so thankful as I do believe she saved my soul.”
Lucy T

Recruitment Manager

I have worked with Jojo for the last 7 months. Now I can’t even recognise the lady I was before then. I was broken, depressed and felt utterly defeated. My relationship with my two daughters was at an all time low. I was numbing the unbearable pain with alcohol.

Jojo gave me hope and reassurance. From the beginning, she assured me that not only would the relationships repair, they would strengthen. If I worked on myself, with her support and guidance, all would come well.

I desperately wanted and needed to believe this, but it seemed more than I could hope for. “Trust the process “ was Jojo’s simple instruction and, because I had nothing else, I did. And by God did it work!!

I did as Jojo instructed “Keep on keeping on”, and the miracles kept happening. Today the relationships with my family (daughters, grandchildren and son-in-law) are better than they have ever been. My brother and sister are overjoyed by the changes that have taken place.  But what I didn’t expect is the change in me. Changing the “contents of the glass” was only the beginning.

Now I am content, strong, happy and so much more confident. Now I know I am a kind, loving person who deserves a good life. I also know, for the first time in my life, that I am good enough and I will no longer tolerate “intolerable behaviour“.

Life is very simple and straightforward. I have cemented key relationships with family and friends. I have also gently exited relationships that were not good for me. I sleep well (huge change), I eat well and exercise daily.

Literally, on a daily basis I am asked “ Have you lost weight?” “Have you changed your hair?”  I am told “You look different”. These external observations are a result of change happening on the the inside, and for that I thank my amazing “Soul Navigator” Jojo. How blessed was I to encounter her!

Judith O’Brien

Corporate Consultant

Jojo’s 1:1 transformational coaching sessions have really helped to support me on my sober journey.
They have helped me to discover/rediscover who I am and, for  the first time in my life, put me first and my self care as a priority. This helps me to be a better mother, worker, wife etc. but it also helps me to feel fulfilled in my life.
Jojo’s non-judgemental and wise approach helps you to feel comfortable and open in the sessions.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart you’ve helped me change my life for the better and rediscover joy.
Emily B

Psychologist , Soberversary 20th March 2023

On the 7th March 2021, after over 10 years of being in a destructive cycle of trying to stop drinking, I decided to give it one last try.  By this stage I was completely broken, and whilst on the face of it I was holding together a good job and family home, I could see that the pieces were falling down around me and that the path I was on was only going one way.

I think like many people, I hit a series of small rock bottoms, each one dismissed as not that bad,  until, before I knew it, I was accepting that this was the way my life was.  I was very unhappy. And it was that bad!

As part of this attempt, which I didn’t expect to be any different to the others, I was introduced to Jojo and to say I was sceptical is something of an understatement.  However, as the days started to mount up, I couldn’t deny that there was something comforting about Jojo’s calmness on Group calls so I booked a discovery call when I was around 50 days into the process.

From the beginning, talking to Jojo was easy and I genuinely looked forward to our weekly calls – we talked every week for a year.  I never slept the night after our calls as my mind would be whirring  – in a positive way.  Whilst I can talk for England, I am actually very closed off about a lot of my fears and it would take me all week to process some of the things I had talked about.    It was a critical part of my becoming sober, and more importantly, helped me find joy in a sober life.  I am still working through some areas that we explored together, and I expect this to be an ongoing process for me.  I am a slow learner!  Not only did I benefit – the relationships with my family aligned to where they should be.  In particular, I was able to help my son on the right path, and Jojo was an instrumental part of that.

I have found it difficult to write this testimonial, not because I am not forever grateful for what Jojo did for me, but because I have struggled to believe that the changes I have made are actually happening for me.  My work made me critically unhappy but, although I planned to leave, I never actually thought I would have the courage to make that final step.  I always thought my ingrained concerns would make a stand at the last moment and keep me trapped.  However, I can now finally accept that this is happening for me.  Jojo helped me to see that a heartfelt desire and commitment can set you on the right path.  And that I deserve this.

I feel very privileged that I have benefitted from Jojo’s guidance and wisdom and I hope that I can honour this by living the best life I can.  Jojo was instrumental in saving not only my life, but allowing my 8 year old self to have a go at living her dream and believe in magic again.

Sarah Jones

Finance Professional

“I had a discovery call with Jojo after 50 days into my 2nd attempt at sobriety.
I had managed 86 days previously but this time I knew it was for good.
I didn’t know what to expect as I’d never had any experience of transformational coaching.
From the very beginning, I got a good feeling and Jojo made me feel very comfortable and at ease.
We met weekly, where I talked, she listened and I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind my drinking.
With this clarity I was able to start examining my own limiting beliefs as Jojo guided me to learn to trust myself and practice self care so that I could begin a new way forward. I’ve learnt to step into my own power, talk to myself kindly and be much more comfortable in my own skin.
I am now over a year sober and so much more than the drink in my glass has changed. Coaching sessions with Jojo have been the game changer for me. I started out with a 12 week commitment and then upgraded to the 9 month VIP option.
My relationships are better with my husband, kids and at work. I have respect and love for myself which means I treat myself better.
My whole life is 100% better and I know that I wouldn’t have stayed sober without my work with Jojo.
She is a Life Magician and I will be forever grateful for the help and support she has given me.”
Emma Y

Primary School Teacher

I started working with Jojo when I was around 6 months sober. At that point I had started to feel more confident in not drinking but taking the alcohol from my life had shone a spot light on the areas of my life where I was desperately unhappy – most significantly in my work – and I was floundering to know what to do. 
I started talking to Jojo fortnightly. Initially she just supported me to survive dealing with a toxic work place and very difficult bosses. Over time, and as I started to feel stronger, she gently encouraged me out of victim mode and started to help me really connect with what I wanted and, importantly, how I might plot a path to get it. 
Jojo is an instinctually empathetic listener. I always felt that she was on my side and that I could talk to her honestly about anything I thought or felt without any fear of shame. Talking with Jojo is the very definition of a safe space. With her encouragement, I have learned to trust my instincts, value my own judgement and gain some clarity over what I wanted from my working life. Whilst I am still on a journey, I have taken some huge steps with her support and better understand my boundaries and what I am not prepared to put up with. 
Jojo has encouraged me not only to identify what I want and need but also to ask for it. This has culminated with my current job agreeing not only that I can study for the qualification I want in work time but also that they will fund it! Amazing! I would never have thought this would be possible! 
I am very grateful to Jojo for her support, empathy and belief in me. I know that this transformation is ongoing but having Jojo on my side made me feel that anything is possible. 
Debbie P

Communications Director

I was just over 10 months sober when I had my discovery call with Jojo.  It was a game changer. I knew something had shifted within me and I needed to sit with it.

Then 6 weeks later I asked for help. At that time, I felt very despondent with my sober choice and was wondering about the point of it all.  Jojo recognised I needed help to unravel my thoughts and feelings.

I’m not 100% sure why it took me so long to ask for her help.  Maybe because I have always found it difficult to ask for help and I felt I might not have anything of substance to talk about.

The important thing is that I DID work with Jojo and WOW, it was a revelation!

As I am writing, I find words aren’t enough to describe the work Jojo does.

She has a confidence and assurance that let you know you are right where you should be, or at least put you on a path to where you need to be.  She is so strong and yet incredibly gentle, so enthusiastic and encouraging.

After each call I had goosebumps or ‘truthbumps’ as Jojo calls them.

The power and impact of those calls are still felt so strongly now.  Her magic seemed to twirl around me and crystallize possibilities and potentialities that I hadn’t realized were what I needed to act on.

Since our calls, I have felt a peace that goes deep in my soul. I feel like my soul has been hugged and loved. My mind has been opened to endless opportunities for my future, for which I’m so excited.  I am currently looking through samples of my new tiny business logo.  Something I never expected to be saying a few months ago.

Jojo is honest and truthful – someone less scrupulous would have booked me in for more sessions, but not Jojo. She recognised the exact amount of work she needed to do with me and offered to refund the unused pre-booked sessions, or bank them for future use.

Wherever you are on your journey, if you feel lost and unsure of where you need to be, I cannot recommend Jojo enough.

Trust her to work her magic, let her unravel your thoughts, let her enthuse over your ideas and encourage you to take those steps.  You will never regret asking for her help.

Rachel Spicer

Artisan Business Owner

I used to think that being a strong successful women was to boss it at work and in my social life. For many years, in my 20’s and 30’s, this was the case and, to be honest, I had no responsibilities and no problem with rocking up to work with a massive hangover and then performing just as well, sometimes better, to hide the fact (or so I thought..).

I won’t lie – I had some amazing experiences, I loved my life and made some seriously good memories that I wouldn’t change.

But all this changed in my 40’s… I met the love of my life, I wanted to become a mum (that one shocked even me!) and I don’t think I knew how much this would change who/what I needed to be – as a still working business owner and then a mum…

At first I found being a mum incredibly hard. Previously, in my work life, I could control everything. I guess this is why I could control how/when to drink. But being a mum you don’t have the same control, and I found that very quickly I was not coping. So, once my drinking would not pose a physical danger to my child (e.g. through breastfeeding), I went back to my good old support ‘wine’. Oh wine how I thought I had missed you! But it didn’t work, it didn’t help, and I lost control very quickly.. to a degree I had never experienced. And being in lockdown exacerbated everything.

I knew I needed help. Although I didn’t have an actual ‘rock bottom’ I had lots and lots of ‘oh god no… I can’t do this again.. not like this..this is hell on earth’. I had to know why I felt the need to self-medicate to escape my life. Enter the wonderful, beautiful Jojo.

Jojo has a way of helping you get to the real issues, but at your pace. It is your self-discovery, your work, and I truly believe that this is the only way to find out how to heal yourself, to get to know the real you again. Because, for many of us, that person was lost a long, long time ago.

I still boss it now as a mum and a business owner, but I have accepted that I need help. Help that did not involve alcohol. In fact, as my path gets more bright and more beautiful every day, I know it’s because I now don’t drink! Thank you Jojo from the bottom of my and my little family’s hearts. #KOKO (keep on keeping on) always!



Business Owner, 1st Soberversary 1/9/22

‘There is a shimmer and glow about you that wasn’t there before’ – these are the words of a colleague that came unexpectedly at the end of a meeting, on the day before my last coaching session with Jojo – I was a long way from shimmering and glowing when Jojo and I began our sessions! 
If you are reading this, you could be in the very fortunate position of working with Jojo to bring about true transformational change – we talked, she prompted, listened, cared, asked, reflected and facilitated breakthroughs that I didn’t even know I needed until they happened, and every day since I have an inner calm and feel that I have found myself again – I am still a work in progress but feel much better equipped to deal with whatever happens next – thank you Jojo for everything and more!


“I began working with Jojo when I was around 6 months sober. Having stopped drinking, I found I was dealing with a lot of unresolved issues from my past, low self esteem and negative self talk. This had all come to the surface when I became sober and had bothered me for as long as I can remember. I had spent most of my adult life either on anti depressants or drinking daily in an attempt to quieten my anxiety and stop the continuous negative thoughts about myself.

In our first meeting I said I wasn’t sure what I needed, coaching, therapy, medication or something else. Jojo reassured me from the outset and explained that if I needed something other than coaching we could explore that during our sessions.
Jojo spent time gently guiding me through the issues from my past. I cried (a lot) in the early sessions but Jojo talked me through the characteristics which I possessed at the time and how they have shaped me into the person I am today. 
We spent time talking about the negative, critical thoughts I often dwell on and Jojo helped me to see the strength in myself and enabled me to challenge those thoughts. 
Jojo believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.
More recently we have discussed my worries about going back to drinking once I get to 1 year sober. When I first stopped drinking, my goal was to get to a year, this is fast approaching. We spent time discussing different strategies and ways to seek support if I feel I need to. 
I am now in a place where I am starting to feel empowered and comfortable in my own skin. My family have commented on the changes they have noticed and how happy I am. I never thought this would be possible. I feel calm, contented and happy for the first time in my adult life. Who knows what challenges I will come across in the future but I am confident I can handle these with a clear head and a new perspective. 
I can not thank Jojo enough for her guidance and expertise. I know I wouldn’t have got to this place on my own. I feel free from the past and the future is looking very bright indeed.
I’m looking forward to celebrating my 1st Soberversary on 1/1/22!”
Claire B

Occupational Therapy Manager

Jojo is an excellent listener and easy to talk to. Her support without judgment was indispensable. The challenges within the Fish Followers Society offer a great sober community to connect with.  Jojo helped me frame a new perspective about alcohol and nicotine. She encouraged me to focus on my goal of creating a life free from alcohol and suggested things that I could do to further solidify my recovery. She is truly caring and compassionate. When going through coaching for personal challenges, it is critical to have someone that cares about your success and understands what you’re going through. Jojo does both. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with her and gain some of her incredible insight and knowledge.  I am forever grateful for all of the tools, support and advice she has provided to help me on my sober journey. I will continue to practice them as I work to improve my life…one day at a time.

Rebecca Z


I started working with Jojo about 3 months into my sober journey , I struggled with my drinking and how it affected my motivation and self esteem. 
Jojo helped me to see that when you get sober you feel the feels, the good and the bad. I’d suffered with depression and anxiety but knew it wasn’t that- I didn’t need a counsellor or medication. I needed to understand myself better, to become the real me. At a time when things felt very jumbled Jojo helped me to see my potential, she helped to change my mindset- to stop giving myself a hard time and to be kind to myself- it was a complete game changer. I’m no longer the procrastinator I used to be, I’ve found the courage inside of me to do the things that scare me and not wait for everything to be perfect before I try. 
I cannot recommend Jojo enough- invest in yourself, you are worth it.
Saying no to alcohol has completely transformed my life and I celebrated my Soberversary in March 2021. 
Sarah Q-S

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

When I first met Jojo, I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. I had been a heavy drinker for over twenty years and I drank wine most nights. During lockdown, I was working at home and homeschooling. As a single parent this brought my stress to a whole new level and I knew I had to take action. 

I was desperate to stop drinking and thanks to Jojo’s support and guidance, I will soon celebrate my first Soberversary.

Jojo is probably the most serene person I have ever met. She is kind, calm, empathetic and guides you with a very gentle hand. I had lost perspective on my life and I was overwhelmed by my perceived failings and the limitations I had placed on myself. 

Jojo has helped me to reconnect with my inner strength and resilience. She has taught me the importance of self care and that asking for help is not a weakness. She has helped me identify my strengths and to recognise the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. I have regained my belief in myself and my pride in all that I have overcome.  

I highly recommend working with Jojo to anyone who wants to stop drinking and make positive changes in their life. My life has been utterly transformed in the past year and I can honestly say I have not felt this well and this happy for a very long time. I will be forever grateful to Jojo for all her help and support and I know I will return to her in the future if I need further guidance. 

IM Fallon

IT Management

Jojo, my Sober Soul Navigator, is helping me find the girl I lost to alcohol.

I started drinking at 16 and was a problem drinker from the start. I always felt like an outsider, no matter the groups I was in, and wished so much to blend in and to be loved. The problem with alcohol and I is that I do not have an off button and would end up drunk and in terrible states. In later years I drank most days. I didn’t realise this until I stopped drinking, but alcohol was my numbing medicine, a pain killer. I thought I was a happy positive person, but alcohol simply plastered over any cracks and helped me forget anything I didn’t want to deal with.

I found Jojo through Sober Fish, aka Dawn. Dawn helped me give up the alcohol through some amazing challenges in her Fish Followers Society membership group during lock down in 2020. Initially I believed that I had no trauma, no issues from the past, I believed that I drank as it was addictive and while that is partly true, once I had 8 months under my belt, I realised that there was more to the drinking than simply it being addictive and so I signed up with Jojo.
I was sceptical at first, I won’t lie. I’ve never been spiritual, and I am not in any way religious and I’ve not had good experience with counselling in the past and so I wondered how this could help me, especially as I believed I had no major issues lurking in the past to work through, I mean I had the best parents so what could the issue be?

In my sessions with Jojo she listens, we talk like old friends, I think for a couple of weeks and she listens again. She helps me see things differently and with greater clarity than I have ever had. She is magical, whatever it is that she does, it just works. She is an experienced transformational life coach and I have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone who may need guidance and support to help them on their way to living their best life.

I have never been happier or felt more free since I embarked on this Sober Soul journey and I can’t wait to celebrate my 1st soberversary on 1st May 2021.


Senior Employment Law Advisor

“I signed up for a 12 week programme with Jojo to help me focus on me. In 2020 I had gotten into a rut. I was piling on weight, not exercising, drinking 2-3 times a week and working ridiculous hours. I was tired, grumpy and unhappy and every day was a struggle. Now with Jojo’s help I no longer drink, I go out walking most days, I eat so much better and have started to lose weight. I have also set boundaries in work. I am so much more productive in work and in the house. I am so much happier and my anxiety has disappeared. But most of all I am a much better mum to my 2 beautiful boys. I am so much more patient and I spend a lot more quality time with them. My life has literally transformed and it’s all thanks to Jojo, she is my fairy godmother who gave me the confidence and strength to change my life. If I could bottle up how I feel now I would be a millionaire! I’m so grateful for my new lease of life and have no hesitation of recommending Jojo’s services to anyone.”

Lisa M

Finance Manager

“1:1 sessions with Jojo have really helped me on my sober journey. They have helped me to discover/rediscover who I am. They’ve helped me for the first time in my life to put me first and my self care as a priority. This helps me to be a better mother, worker, wife etc. but it also helps me to feel fulfilled in my life. 
Jojo’s non-judgemental and wise approach helps you to feel comfortable and open in the sessions. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart you’ve helped me change my life for the better and rediscover joy.”
Emily B


“Although I didn’t have a dependency issue with alcohol, I have been working with Jojo on my compulsive and addictive relationship with food. To me, Jojo’s presence by itself was amazingly calming and responsibly refreshing. She helped me to see through the lies I was telling myself about the lack of my own power, to create the life I truly desire. As a result of my work with Jojo, I have been able to access the deeper truth about my self and develop a greater trust to the intelligence of life itself that has contributed to my own transformation. Before, our time together I was filled with accumulated resentment, mistrust and fear. Every session with her opened up unseen possibilities in my own empowerment. If you are like me on the Path of Inner Power and self-actualization and struggle with any form of addiction, I highly recommend to allow yourself to be supported by Jojo. She is on a Divine Mission.”

Natalika L

“Being completely honest I had secretly questioned my alcohol use for a few years, but I excused it – kidding myself into believing i was in control , maybe I was maybe I wasn’t but that seriously changed when heartbreak hit. A sudden loss of a serious relationship sent me spiralling, and 2019 was a complete washout of heavy binge drinking and depression. I was a lost soul, barely scratching the surface of life, I was just about surviving. I found myself risking my job, my livelihood, my home, and a lot worse! I hated looking in the mirror, I hated the person I had become. And then On the 1st jan 2020 I serendipitously found Jojo who instantly filled me warmth, trust and confidence to allow me to share my biggest darkest secret. My drinking had now gotten out of control. To allow myself to be heard was revolutionary. We began one on one coaching and it’s been a journey. Together we have broken down the unresolved trauma to allow me to heal. We have unpicked childhood trauma and acknowledged it’s ok, it wasn’t my fault. We have dug deep to understand my Alcohol misuse, and learnt new coping mechanisms whilst unlearning old ones. Most importantly she helped me believe I can change, I can be that person I want to be. Trust myself. Nearly a year on , and I don’t recognise that person I was last year. I now no longer betray myself and do things that risk losing my lifelong career. Well just the opposite i’ve had my head in the books and studied and just recently got promoted at work something I don’t think I’d have achieved without Jojo. Best thing I’ve ever done was to dig deep and ask myself why I am like I am and do the things the way I do. It takes a lot of work and intentionality but getting to know myself on a deeper level has allowed me to thrive . Honestly would I have done that without Jojo? No I wouldn’t . Time to thrive not survive.”

L Allen

Key Worker

“I decided to sign up to a 12 week programme with JoJo whilst on my sober journey. I was surprised how much I was able to slowly peal away the emotional layers (which had been buried by consuming alcohol) for years. JoJo supported me to open up and talk. Talk about how I felt.. connecting my current emotions to my past.. If it wasn’t for JoJo I wouldn’t have worked on my inner strength.. she guided me.. to trust the unfolding

Having Jojo as my Transformational Coach…

* I’m starting to focus on me… nurturing the child within

* Focusing on my values… who I am… to give, support and to inspire others

* To keep growing my pillars of strength

* To follow my dreams…

* I’ve booked a Pilates Retreat abroad (something I wouldn’t have done without Jojo’s guidance) I’ve booked additional courses to help others too.

Jojo is a truly amazing person who luckily came into my life when I desperately needed someone with her gift. A compassionate, trusting, caring woman who has given me the belief… to listen to my heart and trust the unfolding.. From the bottom of my heart… Thank you”

Cathyann Phillips

Pilates Instructor

“12 weeks ago I was 72 days sober… and struggling. Yes the alcohol was gone but the inner turmoil, the fight I’d been having in my own head for the whole of my adult life was getting harder. I wasn’t drowning it out now & life was really hard. I knew I needed more than to just be sober. I needed to try & fix this mental head of mine. I reached out to Jojo. I had no idea if she could help me or not, but maybe she could point me in the right direction? And there began the first day of the rest of my life. I’ve had counseling over the years, alcohol counselling, cbt, psychotherapy… But none of it worked for me. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough or maybe I just wasn’t ready who knows? But I do know this works! The coaching with Jojo is LIFE changing! It’s no magic pill… There’s no wand.. But it works. Instead of sitting talking ‘at’ someone, Jojo feeds back to you & works with you to work through your issues. It’s hard to put into words why & how it all comes together. But what I do know is that I am a different person to who I was 12 short weeks ago. If someone had shown me how my life could change in such a short space of time by just showing up & working with Jojo, I’d have bitten their hand off. The little nuggets of information she passes on to you, that tiny shifting of behaviour & thinking she teaches you, the light bulb moments…its priceless. 12 weeks ago I was desperate. I hated the way I was, I felt trapped in my own messed up head & I couldnt see a way out. Today is different. Am I completely fixed? no…but I can see a future. I like me today. I am a powerful, ferocious, loving mother of 2 beautiful girls & I have a newfound zest for life. And I’ll keep on ‘fixing’ me cos that’s the journey. A journey I look forward to now & grateful to be on, every day. Jojo, from the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you for giving me my life back.

Michelle Fraser

Beauty Therapist, - 'One year sober 13th July 2021'

I help women struggling with sobriety find joy in their sober life