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Are you newly sober? Are limiting beliefs keeping you stuck and unsure how to move forwards? Are you overworked and overwhelmed with life? Are you ready to overcome self sabotage? Are you tired of looking for solutions in the wrong places? Sobriety IS a superpower that you own which you can use to maximum advantage.

My own journey began 8 years ago after recovering from a stroke. I believe I have been given a 2nd chance to help women stay sober and heal from alcohol misuse to live fully expressed lives of freedom and joy. 

The JOMO 12 week 1:1 coaching program will enable you to activate your own soul navigation system to overcome what has been in your way and to map out a new way forward.

Learn how to create an unshakable bond with yourself and shift from feeling “stuck”, lethargic, afraid of making decisions and generally feeling “not good enough”. Develop an improved sense of inner knowing, wellbeing and take inspired action steps that are aligned to living a fully expressed life.  

After 12 weeks you should have activated a new level of self belief, using your new superpower, to make empowered choices feeling alive, excited and free. 


Book a Soul Navigation Clarity Call…

Find out if you are ready for JOMO. In this call you will have an opportunity to share what you feel might be in your way and we can explore whether working together would be of benefit to you or not. 

I help Ambitious Women stop relying on Alcohol to fuel their busy lives